“I estimate that it now takes half the time to do the job.”

Do you follow the energy markets in your work? Do you download and import market data to Excel? Then you can easily save time by automating your data management with Expektra Link.

Expektra Link is a cloud service that gives you access to updated electricity market data and price information direct within Excel through a simple Excel Add-In or a web service API. With Expektra Link, you can easily automate data downloads directly to Excel and save time on tedious and unnecessary routine tasks.

  • Increase your productivity with easy automation of tedious data downloads
  • No more copy-paste – minimize risk of data corruption
  • Increase your update frequency and improve the quality of your decision

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Peter Sundberg work in power trading at Affärsverken Energi. As one of Expektra Link’s early adopters, he is very pleased with the service and explains how he improved the efficiency of his work.

“I estimate that it now takes half the time to do the job.”
Peter Sundberg


Affärsverken Energi