"Demand flexibility is CO2-free regulating power capacity to the electricity markets - a key when transforming to a renewable energy system"

With increasing shares of renewable electricity production from wind and solar power, varying with weather conditions, the need for additional regulation resources that can help balancing the power system increases. Expektra Green Connect enables more regulating power resources utilizing demand side flexibility within industries and real-estates.

Expektra Green Connect is a market-based platform that enables trading in “Flexibility”. Both electricity consumers, power retailers and grid owners can take advantage of flexibility as a resource for balancing the electric energy system.

  • Power trading companies can reduce balancing costs.
  • Distribution system operators (DSO:s) can reduce peak demand and reduce the cost of network tariff
  • End customers can find new revenues or cost savings and tools to fulfill its sustainability strategy.
  • Transmission system operator (TSO) benefits more regulating power capacity increasing the cost-efficiency of the entire electrical system.

Expektras solution focuses on providing flexibility from various industrial sites and real-estates. Expektra Green Connect is based on the existing automation solutions and aggregates flexible electricity demand from a portfolio of industrial processes and other power consuming applications.

The platform is offered as a service (SaaS) to market actors that want to assume the role of the Aggregator in the electricity market.

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