Peter Sundberg work in power trading at Affärsverken Energi. As one of Expektra Link’s early adopters, he is very pleased with the service and explains how he improved the efficiency of his work.

“I estimate that it now takes half the time to do the job.”
Peter Sundberg


”.. it was very much manual cut-and-paste. I downloaded from the FTP server and pasted into the file.”
Peter Sundberg

Innan Expektra Link hämtade man regelbundet prisdata till olika Excel filer genom manuella procedurer. Främst hämtade man data från FTP-servrar genom att klippa/klistra data från olika filer till de Excel filer som behövde uppdateras. Detta tog naturligtvis tid från det kvalitativa arbetet samtidigt som det innebar en risk för datakorruption genom den mänskliga faktorn´.


”Easier data retrieval, nicely presented. I avoid ‘copying and pasting’. Because it is integrated into Excel, I can also add my own calculations / formulas / code to automatically obtain what I seek.”
Peter Sundberg

With Expektra Link, Peter Sundberg saves time by automated retrieval of price data into his Excel files. He avoids any time-consuming manual tasks while he minimizes the risk of errors sneaking into the data.

This means both increased productivity and the ability to update their Excel documents more frequently, which also increases the quality of his decision support.


Affärsverken is a municipally owned company that builds, develops and operates infrastructure in Karlskrona. Affärsverken has six business areas: Power grid, energy retail, district heating, waste management, boat traffic and metropolitan area network with a total of 180 employees.